Saturday saw our demise

feminineeffects Eisley songs are too difficult for my small musical brain to learn. I’ve tried learning all of Room Noises, to no avail.


So here I am,

Don’t know how to say this,

Only thing I know is awkward silence


Out one day
Walking one day
Out one day, with you hallelujah
We found a wood and then we unfound a wood
And then we cried, “Oh No”
And, please tell me will we ever find again?
In the depths of Trolly Wood
Do trollies still drive?

Last days of tanning

3 hours on this paste(ish) body. Attacked by bees on my porch. Please stay away from the lake little guys.

Almost went to bed at 1:30

Now it’s 3:30.
My brain requires a “sleep” button