Saturday saw our demise


i feel so sure, adventures

time hangs heavy, my mind lies low. 
my eyes close at the thought of no hope. 
i feel so sure 
but i can’t accept
that these nights spent with you
will now be spent alone. 

i have no regrets and i’ll never go back,
but it still pulls me down. 
i’m already so low.



The Movielife - Face or Kneecaps

And all those fucked up things you put me through.
You lost the only thing you had left to lose, tragic mistake.

Under the circumstance, you act like a kid and you walked away.
What was the last thing that you said?
Shying away, ‘cause you wanted it every day,
And you lost it all, you lost it all.

And it’s time to see what’s inside me.
It’s been cold and dark for some time.
It’s way too much for me.


no children // the mountain goats

in my life, i hope i lie
and tell everyone you were a good wife
and i hope you die
i hope we both die