Saturday saw our demise


Intervention - Banner Pilot

Dark eyes are focused on the light, it’s gonna be another lonely night, I don’t have time for an intervention. 

I hear almost every word you say, we’re just getting by in different ways, I don’t have time for an intervention.

It took me years to build this wall, now brick by brick just let me fall, I don’t have time for an intervention.

I know exactly what I need, a ride home and a couple days of sleep, I don’t have time for an intervention.

Richard Alpert feels

Giving up alcohol until Lent

That’s not true but definitely making drastic cut backs. And of course my friends are coming down from Oakville this weekend. Lots of water and dancing. Basketball officially begins tomorrow and my legs are super sore from teaching my niece to play volleyball yesterday and lots of tag. Should be a rough first game but it’ll be nice to finally compete. Early bed time tonight after one episode of Lost.
Apparently this has been a post.

The ‘yes or no’ game.

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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