Saturday saw our demise

Cadence Weapon- Conditioning (Live on Strombo)

I am missing this man at Phog tonight and I am not happy about it. But I didn’t get my ticket as my bank collapsed on itself when I was planning to get them, so I’ll be staying home while he kills it in the packed Phog Lounge. Listen to this man! And if you happen to be walking around downtown Windsor go stand outside of the window and take in his greatness.

They know my number does change
Their thoughts they still remain the same
They saw me so dismayed
I’m looking blacker nowadays
She used to sweep me
Now she trains herself to hate me
And if I seem a little strange
I’ll be running tracks
Watching running backs

I live in bad conditions but, I got my conditioning
I know my number’s almost up
It’s so over but, I’m still broken up

Video posted 1 year ago
Cadence Weapon Phog Lounge Windsor Ontario Canada george strombolopolous